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Dimitri Patterson went AWOL before the Giants game, and didn't have contact with the Jets until Sunday night.

On Monday, GM John Idzik announced Patterson would be suspended indefinitely.

Reports now say that Patterson left the team due to unhappiness with the team's "cornerback pecking order," according to reporter Manish Mehta (NYDN, Aug. 25).

"[Patterson] will be suspended indefinitely, and that will allow us to gather more information to what led to his behavior," Idzik said.

Idzik expects the suspension to be brief, he said.

Patterson, though, said he is not going AWOL:

The Jets signed Patterson to a one-year, $3 million deal in April (TJB, April 1).

If this is in fact true, then Patterson is going to come off worse than he already has. If Dimitri Patterson is upset about the pecking order then he only has himself and his play to blame.  Jets aren't exactly rushing other players in there ahead of him, the only player who could lay claim upsetting the order would be Antonio Allen. Patterson is this thin skinned, then it's hard to imagine he would do you well getting picked on by opposing quarterbacks.

While this might not be acceptable behavior, the Jets don't have a lot of choices right now when it comes to their secondary. We expect that Patterson, despite all of this, will make the roster and will be a contributor for the team this season.

Idzik and Rex Ryan talk to the media after the Jets suspended Dimitri Patterson for missing the team's most recent game and practices.

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