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Last night it looked as if Brandon Pettigrew signing with the Jets an NFL team* was a done deal, and so it was.  Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports this morning that Pettigrew has agreed to terms with his old team, the Lions, over the Jets and a few others.

Pettigrew agreed to a four-year, $16-million deal with the Lions on Thursday that includes $8 million guaranteed. He’s en route to Detroit this morning to take a physical and sign his contract.
Adding Pettigrew would have added a versatile piece for a Jets offense looking for upgrades all over, but I don't think that losing out on the tight end makes or breaks this offense.  Pettigrew is a try-hard blocker and a red zone threat but not a playmaker.

While Pettigrew is known for his pass-blocking, Cumberland came a long way in that regard this past year and the Jets still have the draft to look forward to, which might be a more sensible way to add tight ends considering the class of players outside of Jermichael Finley, the best at the position and who is returning from a serious spinal injury.  Will the Jets now begin to court Finley more seriously?

If I had one criticism so far of John Idzik's first serious shot at free agency?  It is that the GM seems to be losing out on players the team is rather interested in signing for what appear small incremental amounts in order to beat opposing teams.

While it is hard to say just how much interest there were in certain players that the Jets were connected with, but Verner went for what seemed an amount the Jets could easily beat and feel comfortable about.  So too did Pettigrew here.  Eric Decker signed for a smaller amount than I would have imagined.  There is a theme.

I don't want John Idzik to turn this team into the Redskins, but I also don't want him to turn it into the Cardinals either, a team that believes collecting salary cap space is a contest.  How much more would it take to have secured Pettigrew or any of the other players that the Jets were tied to?  Likely just small incremental amounts and it is fair to say that it is starting to get a little frustrating with as much money as the team has.

* Note: I misinterpreted the intent of the tweet last night saying that Pettigrew would have a deal in place.  On little sleep last night I understood that to mean the Jets were that single team, but that was not the case.  

Still, the point here is that the Jets seem to be watching most players get picked off the top of the pile when there's plenty of space for them to get better.

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