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On Thursday, Mike Pettine (who is increasingly becoming a central figure to the Jets and what's going on behind closed doors for right or wrong) told reporters that he wanted to be back in New York next year.

Despite reports that said Mike Pettine turned down a contract extension offer with the Jets, the defensive coordinator says he wants to return next season.

"I do," he said. "It’s a great organization. I’ve enjoyed my time here, it’s a great group of players. (I’ve been) treated very well. So again, that’s something that’ll take care of itself when the season’s over."

Pettine would not comment on the matter, though and would not confirm whether he actually did turn down the extension.

What else is Pettine supposed to say publicly?

As a defensive coordinator he's been a big part of tempering the fire of what Rex Ryan brings to the team -- he's been the yin to Ryan's yang.  But after four years, who's to say what Pettine wants to do next?  Pettine has already taken one contract extension from the Jets, so the fact that he's not taking the second is telling.  While Pettine might not be the only leak in the organization, I do know that he was reprimanded for talking out of school last year and the team took action because of it.

Ryan gets most of the public credit for this defense, but Mike Pettine took over most of the defensive playcalling in 2011 -- the same year that the defense posted their highest total of takeaways of the Ryan era.  While Pettine started putting his touches on this defense, the team was simultaneously dragged down by an incompetent offense.  In 2011 the defense ranked 2nd in takeaways in the AFC but ranked 1st in the league in giveaways -- ruining the amazing work of the defense.  Without Darrelle Revis most of the season, 2012 was a down year for the defense in takeaways with the team ranking 9th in the AFC.  But with a new offense where the focus was execution and ball control, the offense again failed the defense, committing a second highest number of turnovers in the AFC (35) and dropping the team's give/take diferential to an abysmal -13 heading into the final week of the season.

Is it unreasonable to ask whether enough is enough?  Pettine might have said publicly that he wants to return to the organization, but I highly doubt he'll be back in 2013.

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