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The Jets players are behind their starting quarterback ... here's a sample:

Chaz Schilens on the Tebow chants“That chanting is just B.S..  Mark’s the quarterback. I think the fans are out of place.”

Dustin Keller on Sanchez righting the ship"He’s going to get this thing turned around. He knows that we — his teammates — have his back. Hell, we believe in him and we will get this turned around.”

Nick Mangold on it being a bigger issue than the QB"It's kind of difficult, especially when you're dealing with an offense that hasn't been doing much at any position. You can't just plug somebody in and all of a sudden it's going to be a magic formula. [...] I was here for the Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens thing and that whole business. It kind of comes with the territory. When you put out a performance like we did, you kind of expect it.

Sione Po'uha on Mark's status"I believe in Mark just as much as he believes in me being a nose tackle."

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