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While Adam Schefter is talking on ESPN about how the Jets will not bring back Sparano, others have talked about Sparano's bad year with the Jets as well.  It might not be anything we didn't learn by watching the Jets season, but it seems now that Jets players were privately doubting Sparano's competence during the course of the NFL season according to the Daily News.

Of course, that was the concern to Sparano coming into the Jets this season.  We knew he was going to focus on a smaller playbook, more on execution than on the volume of plays that his predecessor did.  But that such a playbook would rely more on out-playing an opponent.  With a raft of injuries and an offense that wasn't very talented, it's going to be hard to out-play anyone with that framework to work from.

Sparano wasn't the one who envisioned the Wildcat in Miami, it just happened on his watch in Miami.  The birth of the Wildcat should be credited to David Lee instead.  While Sparano has run collegiate offenses, he never called plays in the NFL outside of one year in Dallas.  And even then he was solely the run coordinator alongside Sean Payton, who ran the passing game.  Is it fair to ask if one of them dragged along the other?  In retrospect, the simple truth was that Sparano's resume (in terms of running an NFL offense) was pretty bereft of ... actual experience for someone trending downward from their first head coaching gig.

All we have now is retrospect.  Using that, the hiring of Sparano was a bad mistake.  But whose?  Jason LaCanfora last week on our podcast told us that Sparano was probably more Tannenbaum's hire, and the way Rex distanced himself from his offensive coordinator recently might lend some truth to that idea.  Sparano is best suited as anything but as a coordinator in the NFL, and of course that was the one thing the Jets hired him to do.  On the Jets though, that mistake is amplified because Rex Ryan seems to want to be hands off  when it comes to his offense.  Yet another mistake for a head coach unless he's proven to have a proven top tier coordinator working under his roof.

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