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Last night, Jordan posted a link to Manish Mehta's article, which contained speculation about the Jets perhaps targeting Mike Vick to be their starting quarterback next season.

This was met with horror by some fans. A selection of your comments:

"My nic is the name of my favorite dog. I have bled the Green and White since Joe Willie was QB and yes, I remember the Super Bowl win though I was just a kid. I've suffered as much as anyone with this team, particularly as I moved to Boston when I was in junior high and have lived here ever since.

I've supported this team through thick, which was rare, and thin, which was the norm. If Vick comes onboard, I will be done."

"Same here. I've suffered fr 30 plus years with the jets, mets, Knicks and Rangers and have never considered abandoning any of them. If they bring Vick in, I am done. Forget that he's shot as a player, he's soul less. Torturing dogs! Only the Jets could find a way to make things worse."

"IF THE JETS SIGN MICHAEL VICK I WILL NO LONGER BE A JETS FAN. PERIOD. He sucks on every level. I'll take Sanchez, Tebow or Mcelroy over that garbage. I mean look how much he sucks in Phila.......and he's a freaking dogkiller."

"Consider me no longer a Jets fan if mike vick is signed."

"I'm 38 years-old and have been a Jet's fan my whole life. If there is blame to be assigned for this defect, I suppose it would go to my father - who had season tickets. Suffice it to say I'm a die-hard fan. Let me say this: If the NY Jets seek out Michael Vick as their QB they will lose me and my father as fans. I do believe he paid for his crimes and I do believe he's paid for his transgressions and deserves redemption as a human being. That isn't the point for me though. Some have pointed out that "personal" feelings must be put aside in regards to if Vick gives the Jets the best chance to win. I would retort that by saying "personal" feelings are already what makes you a fan of a certain team. Regardless, it smacks first off as more headline grabbing. Secondly - on a personal level - both my father and I were Veterans in the the Marines. My father was in Vietnam and I was in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia. The similarities we both share in regards to our service are that upon both our respective retirements we adopted rescue Pit-Bulls and the dog/breed has changed our lives with their character and loyalty. I do not hate Michael Vick. But if I have a personal feeling for a certain breed of dog and I have a personal feeling for a certain team - well the dog is with me every day: the team is only with me once a week for 16 weeks. Guess who wins out for me? And on an objective, football level I think Michael Vick is a terrible, terrible decision for this franchise."

"i've said it before but this time i mean it - sincerely.

i've been a jets fan my whole life. they bring in vick, and i am done. period. end of story."

"My 2 passions for the last 45 years have been The Jets and Dogs. The dysfunctional, lying circus known as the Jets has tried my patience to the point of at last quiting them. If they sign Vick, the dog killer, I will be rid of them for good."

"I've put up with a lot being a supporter of this team. Incompetent owners, inept front offices, coaches who shouldn't be given the keys to a Pop Warner team and players who have no business in the NFL. But the Jets are my team and I stand behind them.

Until they cross the line. Vick is across the line for me. I can forgive him as a human but I will never support him. And if the Jets decide to make him the face of the franchise I will be done."

"Sorry, just because worse was done in history, it is still horrible what that POS did. As far as I am concerned, he still didn't pay his debt! It was not like he did one action and paid his debt, this was going on for years. If he wasn't caught, it could still be going on right now! We sign him and I am done with this team!!!!

I thought that I would never say this but as God is my witness, the Jets sign Vick, I am done with this team, that would be the last straw for me!"

"Sorry, if they sign Vick it'll be the last straw. Been a fan ever since they signed Namath so it's been a lot of tough years, lousy drafts, blown opportunities like The Mud Bowl, Gasteneau's late hit on Bernie Kosar, etc. but being a dog lover I will never root for a team that hires someone who viciously tortured & killed them. How low can you go?

On the bright side, sign Vick and you will set me free to support a team worthy of dedicated fan support. No more sleepless night's bleeding green over agonizing chokes."

We also posted a link last night about how the fans played a role in the decision to finally bench Sanchez.

Not all of the comments about Vick were as negative as the ones above, but you'd have to think the Jets will take into consideration if they're going to lose long-time fans by making this move, so let's try and get an accurate take on exactly how the fanbase would feel about this move. Please respond to the poll below, encourage your fellow Jets fans to do the same by sharing the poll - here's a short link: - and expand on your views in the comments if you choose to.

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