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Our reactions to the press conference that Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson  just held in Florham Park ...

A New Beginning -- I don't know how many times Rex used the phrase 'new beginning' but it was enough that it was alarming.  It's clear he's somewhat chastened by the way that the last two years have gone and he knows that he's got to start over.  He sees himself as "no different than 31 other guys."  He's not concerned about being a lame-duck coach and just sees 2013 as his chance to re-prove himself.

Attack! Attack! -- Rex also talked a lot about building an attacking team.  He admits he got caught up in the ground and pound notion, but it almost sounded as if he felt trapped by it.  That what he really wanted was "an all weather offense" and an "attacking mentaility" on offense as well as special teams and defense, that this was now his blueprint and that he had failed to get it done.

Confidence is Not the Opposite of Weakness -- One of the most insightful moments during the entire press conference came when Woody talked about how he told Rex last week that it's OK to have weaknesses and know your limitations.  Woody was bascially saying that confidence does not fill the void left by weakness/incompetence.  It's one of the most insightful comments I've ever heard made about Rex's flaws and I think that if Rex can really internalize that, it could make a huge difference in his approach. Could.

Mum on GM Search -- The Jets did not address the GM search much at all beyond to say they are looking at competent candidates.

So Long to Pettine -- Rex dodged the talk about Mike Pettine as much as he could.  He said how much he respects Pettine, how good a coach he is, how they've worked together for 10 years, but he said almost nothing else.  It only heightens the sense of a rift there that no one is talking about.

Signing Sparano -- Rex acknowledged that he fired Tony Sparano last night, but he would immediately then talk about Sparano and the "tremendous job" in his post as offensive coordinator.  Huh?  In Rex's mind, I think what he was trying to say is that he wants an "attacking" coordinator and Sparano doesn't fit the bill.  Rex has now had his "attacking" epiphany, and Sparano doesn't fit the job description.  It doesn't hurt that he had one of the all-time worst offenses either.

Get the Ink Ready -- Rex Ryan semi-joked when asked about his tattoo that "if Sanchez doesn't play better that number is changing."  I'm not going to read into the tea leaves too much either way, but Rex Ryan did say that financial implications will not play into who the Jets will play at quarterback next year.

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