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We'll update and re-post this after Sunday's games, but here's a look at who the Jets will be facing in 2014:

Home Games

Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers*

New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills

* This is complicated but check the standings afterwards and the Jets will face whichever team ends up in the same position (ie 2nd if the Jets win, 3rd if they lose but the Bills also lose or 4th if they lose but the Bills win) in their division.

Road Games

Kansas City

San Diego

Green Bay


Jacksonville (if the Jets don't win on Sunday, but the Bills also don't win), Tennessee (if the Jets win on Sunday) or Houston (if the Jets lose and the Bills win)



New England

UPDATED: If the Jets win on Sunday they will finish second in the division by virtue of having a better divisional record than the Dolphins. However, if they lose and the Bills also win, they will finish fourth.

The full schedule is usually released in April.

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