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Earlier this week, former NFL player Trevor Pryce (who played for Ryan in both Baltimore and New York) tweeted that he was writing an article about his old coach, and Fifth Down has published it. What Pryce writes tells us confirms a lot of what we suspected about Ryan as a players coach.

Some excerpts.

Sadly for Ryan’s fans and friends, being a head coach these days has very little to do with X’s and O’s and more to do with your personality. And the two personality traits that are stopping him from being a great head coach are the same two that make him a great human being: He is loyal to the point of defiance, and he cares enormously about the people around him.
It's interesting insight from someone who knows him well. It also helps to explain why he stuck with Sanchez for so long, stuck with Schotty for so long, and on and on...

There's a notion in the military that officers shouldn't fraternize with enlisted men, because they will have to eventually make decisions that could endanger their lives. It's not the same, but there's a similar idea at play.

As a head coach there is a level of cold evaluation of talent that need be made that sometimes Ryan seems wholly incapable of making -- and as Pryce points out in the article to a point of fault. Ryan has made some big changes this year, but I do wonder if that is the kind of change that Ryan could make, even if he wanted to...

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