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Over the past few days, I've had the chance to talk to more than a few Jets fans.  Most, when asked about PSLs, were pretty negative about the idea.  Some even wondered if the stadium will be sold out come game day.  Personally, I doubt it would come to that, but the Devils' recent PSLs woes were used as a good counter to my doubts.  When I checked out the Patriots, guess what shakedown fee they don't charge fans at Gillette ... you guessed it, PSLs.

Phil Mushnick, opiner of all things New York Sports for the Daily News Post spat some hot fire about the Jets and the Giants charging PSLs to their fanbases.

The Giants - and soon, the Jets - tell us that PSL money will be applied to the cost of their new ballpark. Funny, when you and I, already living in a reasonably nice home, can't afford to buy one of those nice, big, new ones, what do we do?

We don't buy it! We stay put! We don't buy what we can't afford. Imagine that!

Phil, you've just given me a great idea!

From now on, to defray costs of my mortgage, I am going to start charging friends to come over to my house.  I will just explain that they are paying a Personal Visitation License (PVL) and that they can sell it to anyone they want to for a profit should we stop being friends, or they can even deed their PVL to their children (if they could BE so lucky) if they like.

I mean ... it's my house ... why wouldn't my best friends want to pay for such a privilege to laugh at my witty banter, listen to me drone on about blogging and to gaze at the opulent magnificence in which I reside and couldn't afford to pay for without their generous financial support??  I mean, I've GOT to keep up appearances ...

Mushnick isn't the only one piling on a topic, I have already been railing against for a few weeks now.  Here's some other thoughts from around the web (Jets and Giants)

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