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Per Kimberley Martin of Newsday, David Lee has confirmed what we wrote about back in late July, that the Jets are working on elements of the Pistol in broad daylight and seems to be smugly proud that not many picked up on it.

... the Jets now have the Wildcat guru under their own roof: quarterbacks coach David Lee.

But Lee happens to have something else up his sleeve: the Pistol offense.

“You haven’t seen it at practice yet, but we’ve got a little bit of that in there,” the position coach said Thursday, adding that, while he was in Miami, the Dolphins used some "lead-option, speed-option plays" with quarterback Pat White.

“We haven’t really hid it much," Lee said of the Jets, "but we’ve got another game. We may utilize some of it here before too long.”

When we were at camp, the Jets were hinting at the Pistol by lining up the QB four yards back, but putting the running back into post-motion sets thereby not showing that telltale Pistol set where the halfback stands directly behind the quarterback.  Instead the team would have the running back in a pro-style set alongside, or motioned out as a tight end or slot receiver.  Read more about what we saw at camp here.

Lee is right, the Jets have barely hidden it, so it bothers me that it has taken this long for the beat to write about it, though we credit to Kim Martin for reporting it.

UPDATE: To  be fair, reporters are not allowed to talk about formations unless they are addressed by the coaching staff or players, but I still argue that this is a bigger story than has been (able to be?) reported on thus far.  

Both quarterbacks could benefit from the Pistol in principle, but while the Pistol is a new element for Geno, it is something we think he could be more useful to him than Mark Sanchez in the long-run.  It would put Geno in a semi-familiar shotgun set, but allow him to be closer to the line to gain the blitz recognition, while also giving him the chance to use his athleticism some outside the tackle box.

Based on Lee's hints, I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets use some Pistol tomorrow night.

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