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Jets QB coach David Lee is only made available to the media once during the course of the regular season and Monday Lee talked with reporters about Geno Smith at length. Overall, Lee likes the demeanor and progress of his rookie QB and Lee expects good things of Geno. Here, Lee talks about Smith's calm, via Brian Costello on the NY Post.

Surprisingly for a rookie, Smith has shown very little emotion either way after wins or losses. He has remained even keeled through this up-and-down season.

“He is the calmest guy,” Lee said. “He goes out in pregame warm-ups and he’s calm. We go out and beat New England and he’s calm as could be. I wanted to slap him and say, ‘Hey, we won.’ He’s really calm. That’s a great trait to have as a quarterback with the pressure that’s on all these games.”

Back in the spring leading up to the NFL Draft, Geno Smith was painted as a brooding introvert by some draftniks. Smith might be quiet, but his calm has to be part of the reason he doesn't ever seem visibly rattled from some of his bad games. Even the best QBs in the NFL are going to have a few bad games a year and shaking off a bad throw or a bad game is an important part of being an NFL quarterback.

It's been a rollercoaster so far this season, but the hope is that in the second half Geno can take all the lessons he's learned and start to put it together. His arm strength, implacability and a solid running game are could make this in a team to be reckoned with between now and January.

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