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Jets quarterback coach David Lee disputed a report last week that coaches were unhappy Michael Vick didn't make more of an effort to win the starting job from Geno Smith. (ESPN, Aug. 26)

"Vick has been great, he's been a great addition," Lee said Tuesday, during his first interview since June. "He has come in here and done exactly what we asked him to do. He has pushed Geno. He's been a tremendous competitor. The guy will compete and he's been great in the classroom. Doesn't talk a lot, but when he does, I listen. We all listen.

"I'm just shocked at what a team guy he's been from the start," Lee added. "You put him on the field and he's a competing machine. His eyes change and he wants to go."

Lee praised how Vick works with Smith.

"He's been great for Geno. They get along really well. They trust each other. Mike has been dead honest. I hear those comments and he's done nothing but enhance Geno's chances of being a better professional quarterback," he said.

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