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Going through some older content, I came across an article via JetsVine stating the possibility of pursuing Matt Cassel as the new quarterback for the upcoming 2009 season. Now we already know that Brett Favre is in his seven week mind jumble considering whether to come back or not and although mostly everything has been installed for Rex Ryan's system, the ball now rests in Favre's court . If Brett Favre does not return the Jets have a mix of quarterbacks to pursue, utilize, whatever you want to call it. But even so it poses a question with these other guys, will they be able to step up to the challenge and take the reigns?

Kellen Clemens: Clemens is going to be the first guy everyone looks at because of his time he served when Chad Pennington was in the middle of a slump. Without a doubt Kellen's strength and skills are good but his accuracy is a lot to be desired and the fact that he saw little action this past season with Favre at the helm it is hard to tell what to expect from Clemens. Overall at this point I would deem Clemens usable but with a major caution, don't depend on him to be the future.

Brett Ratliff: Obviously Ratliff has gone from the third string nothing to the fan favorite that everyone wants to get his chance particularly after his performance in the preseason. At this point, I can't say Ratliff is the future because first off it was a garbage game so there really wasn't the "NFL pressure" that is normaly present and plus he has been on the bench since with Clemens so I'm concerned about how well he warm up to the job but he does have upside and is deserving of his shot.

Erik Ainge: Until I can see how he handles the big leagues I would be inclined to stay away from him.

Matt Cassel: "The Franchise Boy" just got his bonus from New England after they put the tag on Cassel but there is still talks about trading the quarterback in favor of Tom Brady. This might be worth at least investigating, his 400 yard performances are good to have on any resume and yes, there are traces of Tom Brady there. I'm interesting to see if Cassel would consider the prospect of becoming a friend of the enemy but this situation doesn't seem likely even if he does leave New England but then again the Jets got Favre so anything is possible.

Draft: There are truly no decent QB's in this year's free agency frenzy (other than a few) so that leaves the Jets in the position of drafting a quarterback yet again of course teams like the Lions and Chiefs will want to go after big names like Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez. But lest we forget the occasional surprises the Jets find in the draft. Looking at this from the managements point of view, they already have three (not including Favre) quarterbacks on the team and wasting a pick on one although would be nice to see what they can do to mold "fresh meat" they also have other needs and other positions to be concerned with.

Overall the Jets are looking at some limited options here and trying to piece together the right group of guys is going to be challenging for Rex Ryan, he has his staff but now its time for his "boys." I can only hope that management will make all the right choices concerning Favre and everyone else aboard. After a 40 year slump, I'm ready to see the 1969 Jets back out on the field but it all begins with these details.

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