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The Jets are in dire need of competition at the quarterback spot with the likelihood that Mark Sanchez must remain on the roster in 2013.  With little flexibility in free agency, the Jets are going to have to look for cheap options for their possible starters, and this far all the Jets have been linked with is some cheap talent.  Here's a look at who the Jets have already expressed interest in, and who else might be on the list at the outset of free agency.

Already Showing Interest

Brady Quinn -- Other than a report that the Jets were interested in Quinn, it's hard to gauge how serious the team's interest is in Quinn.  Quinn flourished in a WCO during his college days at Notre Dame, but was never able to translate his weight room work to the field in the NFL.  Quinn has a poor feel for the pass rush and holds the ball too long. Quinn can struggle to diagnose coverages and can't throw deep passes with accuracy.

David Garrard -- Garrard seems to be one of the camp bodies that the Jets are willing to bring in and his price would be right, but he would offer a real shot for the Jets as a starter.  Garrard though has had health issues that have prevented him from playing the last two seasons, and he's 35 now.  While he's big, physical and able to read progressions and coverages and can be accurate with the football, it seems risky to chance the Jets 2013 season on him being able to play 16 games when he's been unable to make a 53 man roster the last two seasons.

Potential Free Agents

Matt Moore (MIA) -- Moore is a journeyman, but his success in 2011 is what makes me interested in him as an option for the Jets.  Moore has good size, is athletic enough to scramble out of the pocket and has the arm to deliver longer passes, but he has had issues powering pushing the football into tight coverage windows.  He knows how to read his progressions and has a good sense for identifying coverages, but his inconsistency is what's held him back in the NFL.  Moore has enough talent to compete for a starting job on the Jets, but might come at a little more expensive price tag than guys like Quinn or Garrard.

Bruce Gradkowski (CIN) -- Gradkowski sounds like his top option will be to return to Cinci as Andy Dalton's backup, but the opportunity to compete for a job might make New York an interesting destination.  Gradkowski is a borderline starter/backup in the NFL and has had some limited success, but mostly in offenses where the talent made it hard for him to win.  

Jason Campbell (CHI) -- Campbell saw very limited playing time in 2012, but of course it came in a nationally televised game against the Niners.  Campbell is a strong quarterback with good size and athleticism. When given time in the pocket, he can be accurate, but that breaks down when pressured and scrambling.  Campbell is able to read coverages go through his progressions.  Campbell though signed a deal with the Bears in 2012 that made him $3.5 million and so he might look for more than the Jets would be willing to give.

Path to the Draft

The Jets have met with a number of quarterbacks already.  The team interviewed Matt Barkley at the Combine, Ryan  Nassib was also interviewed by David Lee at some point and the team interviewed Mike Glennon at the Senior Bowl.  We're sure they've talked to more, that's seem to be what's leaked out so far.  If you haven't watched Mooch putting Barkley and Geno Smith on the board, then this is worth a look.

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