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Here’s some quick thoughts on the Jets' decision to pull the plug on the Sanchise for the rest of the year.

A Day Late and A Dollar Short –This entire season the Jets have maintained Sanchez gave them the best opportunity to win however, when it counted most he could not overcome a horrific performance against the 4-9 Titans and even when given a series his back-up proved to be equally incompetent. That isn't to say management isn't at fault as they have failed to surround Sanchez with the proper talent and have yet to establish any type of consistency to help foster his growth. At the same time Sanchez is in his fourth year and continues to make the same rookie mistakes over and over. If he hasn't learned yet, when will he? It's just a shame the coaches seemingly did not have enough faith in McElroy to pilot this team when they still had a chance to make the playoffs...I mean it couldn't have been much worse than what they've been putting out on the field the past 14 weeks.

Boiling Point – Rex Ryan has been fiercely loyal to Sanchez from day one and obviously the decision to bench him against the Cardinals was difficult but even he has his limits. It took longer than we certainly wanted it to but Rex has back-handily admitted his error by benching Sanchez for the final two games. He issued an ultimatum to cut down on the turnovers or ride the bench; it worked for one game before Mark completely fell apart last night and true to his word Ryan is going with the best option at his disposal. You know on the inside Ryan isn't thrilled it has come to this but it seems realization has finally set in that Mark is a liability and not the player filled with the same amount of confidence as the guy whose been his biggest supporter.

Preserving His Value – While his performance last night and all other games before it provide the Jets with a valid excuse to end the Sanchez Error, I wouldn't be shocked if this demotion was to preserve what little value he does have left in the event they somehow find a way to offload their $8 Million Man before next season. By ensuring Sanchez's health, it will make it easier for them to send him packing...the struggle will be to find a sucker willing to take the bait. Anyone have Pete Carroll's number?

Back-up Controversy? – The fact that Tim Tebow was leapfrogged in favor of Greg McElroy even when healthy tells you all you need to know about how the Jets feel about Tebow Time starting for this team. They took a risky gamble bringing him aboard in the offseason and it simply has not paid off. The spread option is predictable and Tebow's ability to throw has not changed at all which means the Jets harbor two quarterbacks with accuracy issues. Ultimately, Sanchez will back-up McElroy for the pure fact that he is the lesser of the two evils--at least in the eyes of the organization.

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