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I'll try and get some more things up around noon today ... and TRUST ME ... this week will be full of "where do we go from here" stuff.

At Least He Held Onto the Football (Most of the time) -- I'm sure Bent will give us the details on just what happened for the Jets O to register 11 sacks against, but I'd venture to guess that half was McElroy failing to slide in the pocket or scramble properly.  Even so, the line has problems. Still for all the time he was getting knocked down, he only had one pick when it mattered and no fumbles until near the end of the  game.  At least credit him for his ball security in the face of the pressure he saw.  Also, I liked that he wasn't pumping, patting, or doing too much with the ball until he threw it.  Just holding it with two hands and then STRIKE.  I haven't seen that from a Jets quarterback in what feels like an eternity.

Take an Ax to the QB Spot -- The team's top man -- at least right now is incapable of doing the job -- the coach thinks that his backup is not equipped to play the game, and the team's third stringer still has a lot of room for growth, so what should the Jets do this offseason?  The news that Tebow wanted out of any Wildcat plays is an interesting post script and one that pretty much ensures he would only come back to the Jets as a quarterback, not as a roleplayer.  My solution?  Take an ax to the QB spot and cut out the dead wood and start over.  Right now it looks like the dead wood runs through the first two strings.

Defensive Mirage -- Ryan talked after the game about how great his defense had been playing recently.  True, they had been playing well, but they had been up against a bunch of empty uniforms in recent weeks.  The Jaguars?  The Cardinals?  The Titans?  The Chargers were the first half-good offensive team they played in a month and it showed.  Don't get me wrong, I like some of the component pieces of this defense, but  they hadn't become world-beaters all of a sudden in the last few weeks.

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