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As we sit in the press box and wait for what the day will bring, here's some quick thoughts about camp so far:

Let's See That in Pads -- We've seen some spectacular plays in the scrimmage periods, but so far, but so far the team has been working in shells and shorts.  Have players gotten physical? Have ballcarriers broken some would-be tackles?  Absolutely.  But inversely there's also been true as well.  There's been a blown coverage or two.  There's been plays that were whistled dead that could have been direct hits on the quarterbacks.  Should practice resume, the hope today is that we'll see a little more physical nature of the team between ballcarriers and defenders.

Little in the Middle But They Got Much Back(end Talent) -- There's been a lot of talk about the receivers and how they are a raw group.  It is true, but at the same time we really like their group of bubble players.  Guys like Zach Rogers, Ryan Spadola and Marcus Davis along with names Rex has mentioned like Clyde Gates and Vidal Hazleton have some promise as project players for this team if they can invest a little time in them.

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