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While the Jets released their side of the Jason Smith / Wayne Hunter trade a few weeks ago, the Rams have now done the same with Hunter.  Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch in Saint Louis reported today that the Rams will release Hunter.

Hunter was a player that as far back as 2008 I remember being concerned about his long-term viability should he need to start based on a few snaps in replacement of Damien Woody in the Chiefs game.  Hunter had a good stretch with the Jets in their 2010 playoff run in replacement of the then-injured Damien Woody,  but he was never a long-term answer and signing him as the starter after the CBA was a panicked scramble.  I don't expect the Jets to even consider re-signing Hunter, and after the ignominious way the summer of 2012 went for him, I'd doubt he'd consider it an option either.

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