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Here's a quick hit on new Jet cornerback Dee Milliner of Alabama and how he'll fit with the Jets.

What he can bring: Milliner was the 2013 class's best combination of size, fluidity and speed in the cornerback class and is the best scheme-agnostic cornerback in this class.   Playing in the SEC Milliner saw some of the best talent in the NCAAs and during his time, Milliner has shown good vision and instincts and he has that intuitive knack for how to play the spot and how to use angles, leverage and just enough physicality to re-route receviers.   While some corners don't like run support, Milliner is eager to make plays against the run and will  be a positive addition to the Jets backfield because of it.

Fitting in with the Jets: For years we've heard the running joke that Rex Ryan loves cornerbacks and can never have enough.  Milliner buys the Jets some time flexibility at a position that is set for 2013, but might see some upheaval in 2014 and just lost Darrelle Revis.  Speaking of buying time, without a premiere pass rusher, Milliner will also be equipped to play in those archipelagic scheme that has made the past duo of starters beloved by fans.  The Jets have focused their efforts at acquiring talented corners over pass rushers, and because they like those tight man-coverage schemes, Milliner should be able to step right in and start against the boundary and allow Kyle Wilson, Ellis Lankster and Isaiah Trufant to play on the inside more where they have excelled.

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