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Today in Indianapolis, Rex Ryan and John Idzik addressed the media and here's some reactions to the discussions with reporters.  In past appearances in Indy, Ryan has made guarantees, then not made guarantees.  Both of which seem to get him headlines.  Today, Ryan was more demure and dogged about his desire to keep Darrelle Revis on the team, and much more ... 

There's a New Mantra in Town -- "Competition, through and through" seems to be the new phrase that pays in the Jets front office.  And it is an apt one.  John Idzik made it clear that the best players will play in his introductory press conference -- and after last season many fans were unnerved by Ryan's willful playing of Mark Sanchez against all logic ... among playing breakdowns at a few other spots, mind you.  We'll see if Rex Ryan responds properly to this new aphorism ... I sure hope so.

Load Up on All the Comped Broadway Shows You Can, Mark  -- The "competition" word was thrown around a ton today, and Mark might want to stuff in as many viewings of Kinky Boots as he can between now and the start of training camp.  While John Idzik wants competition he did admit it might come from within but could and should come form without as well.  "I like the idea of any quarterback that comes in competing," Idzik said.  "And I don't think it is limited to who we have. That is going to be a constant process. So who can we bring in, who can we draft, or who are the incumbents that are coming along well that spice up that competition."

Darrelle Tremendous -- Right off the bat, reporters wanted to know about Darrelle Revis.  Idzik told reporters that "we've always wanted Darrelle as part of our team" and that he is a "tremendous asset" to the team and that the Jets have "always wanted" him as part of the team.  I don't doubt that for a second, but what wasn't addressed is at what price?  

We're Not Trading Him (Unless We Trade Him) -- The Jets front office aren't dopes though they might look like it having to answer questions about Revis today.  They know that they have to make it look like they want to keep Revis to actually trade him.  Same with Tim Tebow.  It's a dance, but the truth of the matter is that the Jets are in fact shopping him.  It's the worst kept secret in Indy.  Rex was adamant about the fact that he and Idzik are not interested in trading Revis, but then when it was reminded to him that the rumors didn't center around him or John but Woody ... it got a little weird.  So we're to believe that Woody Johnson hasn't talked with Rex since the intro presser of John Idzik a month ago?  Riiight ...

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