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TheJetsBlog's own Jake Steinberg is reporting that the Jets have reached out to Mark Sanchez about possibly restructuring his contract. As it currently stands, the dead money costs associated with cutting Sanchez is an astronomical $17 million and the Jets are going to try their darnedest to persuade Sanchez to take one for the team.

Sanchez does have 8 million reasons to not even consider answering the phone however, I believe it's safe to say he recognizes the thin ice he is on in the eyes of the organization and might be more inclined to "earn" his pay as he has always tried to come off as a team player. Although he wouldn't say anything publicly, perhaps Sanchez privately believes a change of scenery would be to his advantage and restructuring his deal would allow both parties to part amicably if things don't work out in training camp.

No matter how you slice it this is going to be a tricky situation for the Jets to muddle their way through because of poor past decisions but, this is a good first step. We can only hope Sanchez will be receptive to the idea.

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