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Lisa Zimmerman of CBS RapidReports has been told by sources that Mike Tannenbaum is expected to be "relieved" as general manager on Monday, a day after the Jets play the Buffalo Bills to close out their disappointing season. Let the countdown begin folks!

Sunday will be the last day of the Jets' 2012 season. It also will likely be the last day that Mike Tannenbaum will be the team's general manager.

As first reported on Sunday, according to a league source, Tannenbaum will be relieved of his duties as team owner Woody Johnson searches for a replacement.

From the fan perspective, the past two seasons have brought a lot of heartache and headaches largely due to the roster assembly which falls squarely on Tannenbaum's shoulders. Far too often we have seen his capologist tendencies get in the way and it seems Woody Johnson wants to start fresh as soon as possible. Lets just hope, if Tanny is re-assigned, he doesn't play the jealous wife and scare off everyone in sight.

In most everything, I see the good and the bad.  By removing Tannenbaum and adding someone else, they will try to gain someone with intimate experience in evaluating players to help temper Rex's enthusiasm over new or existing personnel.  By removing Tannenbaum from the GM spot, they will also take their chances when it comes to a new GM's ability make trades or create and renegotiate savvy contracts for star players.

As far as the notion of keeping Tannenbaum around ... I get the aid from a value/trade/contract writing capacity, but I think it's very problematic.  I don't like the idea of keeping Tannenbaum inside the organization for cost-cutting reasons.  Tannenbaum likes to talk about risk ... what's the risk of keeping a guy who would know where all the bodies are buried and also is still inside the organization and could have an ax to grind? Tannenbaum is a master of knowing how to use the media to his advantage -- I don't think this is a good idea.  Ari Nissim is extremely competent in his role with the Jets and could handle the contract stuff just as well as Tannenbaum could.  Nissim was one of the key figures in sealing a new Revis contract in 2010, and he's already doing the day-to-day work of setting up the 2013, 2014, 2015 Jets teams.

If keeping Mike Tannenbaum would keep other qualified candidates from accepting even an interview for the Jets, then this is a bad bad move.

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