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Not much of an update in the Revis storyline, but here's what Rapoport heard recently.

I'm going to gloss over the use of the word "optimistic" in this report as it is just the words of someone close to him and not Revis himself.  I don't know what his emotional state is regarding being with or not with the Jets, and so it's not worth assuming where he might be on the matter.

When the Jets cap space number was released by the NLFPA just a few days ago, there was some outcry on the team not using more of the space as they are currently sitting with around $12.5 million. But remember that the Jets will need more than $13 million just to move him as the trade will accelerate some of his guaranteed numbers.

I still think there's time for a deal to be done with a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but I also think that this saggy off-season has provided a framework for the Jets to strike a potential long term deal with their star -- provided both sides are willing, and that seems like a big provision.

Those trying to force a move made it seem as if the Doomsday Clock on a Revis trade was ticking close to midnight just a few weeks ago, but the urgency was never acted on.  And so it sounds as if the sticking point was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013 first-rounder. While there was a flurry of free agency, the deal never came. The market for cornerbacks has proven to be a weak one. Aso got $3 million.  Brent Grimes got $5.5 on a one-year and the Bucs are still without starter ready talent at the spot in a very pass happy division.

There's still plenty of time, but my first hope is that the market will prove what's reasonable between the teams and Woody Johnson will back off his apparent all-or-none stand with the Jets cornerback. But should a deal go down, it will likely be on draft night because there's no reason to do it in the intermediary.  The Bucs will have to determine if they are willing to use their 13th pick on Xavier Rhodes as Milliner will be long gone by the time the 13th pick comes.

But wouldn't it be ironic if Milliner somehow slides to #9?  Then what would the Bucs do?

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