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Some collected thoughts from last night's loss to the Steelers:

My Own Worst Enemy -- Credit to the Steelers, but the Jets were unable to get anything going outside of the first quarter offensively and the Jets tackling -especially when rushing the passer - got worse and worse as the game went along.  And then even in key situations they couldn't do right as witnessed in the Jeremy Kerley muffed punt.

Hang On -- The Jets were soundly beat, but aside from the muffed punt by Kerley, no other turnovers.  It's a good sign that the Jets offense is getting much better at securing the ball even if they weren't so good at getting it down the field.

Defensive Questions -- What is going on with this defense?  Darrelle was out, but that can't be the only issue.  They've upgraded since last season and seem to be getting worse.  While they were much better at stopping the run this week, that game-capping touchdown drive by the Steelers was very disconcerting and now in two weeks the Jets defense has let up more than 25 points twice.  Pettine and Rex better figure something out this week because the Niners and Texans aren't far off.

Line Up -- Even if the whole defense didn't look great, the defensive looked much better this week against the run.  Wilkerson in particular had a good game, but I think that the real credit has to go to Sione Pouha for being in the game and taking more attention away from a play like Wilkerson.

Lights On, Lights Off -- The Jets looked great in the first quarter, with a long scoring drive and holding the Steelers to two field goals in the early going.  After that though, the Steelers dominated the rest of the game and the Jets were unable to get the better of them.  During the broadcast, CBS mentioned that Mark Sanchez hadn't completed a pass in over 128 minutes of real time of the game.  That was brutal.  The receivers couldn't get off press coverage and were wholly unable to

Easy Now -- LaRon Landry looked great in the first game and he had some intimidating hits during the Steelers game too.  Thanks for sending them a message but the senseless personal fouls was totally unnecessary and did the team a major disservice in some clutch situations.

Missed  You -- If Keller is in during that third down play that hits Cumberland in the back because he failed to recognize the blitz, that's a wholly different outcome.  Also Keller might have been able to provide a boost for Sanchez during that long drought.  If Revis is in the game, the coverage gets much better.  Of course the Steelers were without their own players too,  but the Jets needed their guys more to have a legitimate chance to win.

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