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Former Jet Darrelle Revis had a rather enlightening response to a Jets fan on Twitter yesterday morning after the fan suggested the All-Pro cornerback would be happier if he had remained with the New York Jets.

If you weren't certain before, we can now confidently say that Revis' philosophy couldn't be anymore different than the Jets' and at the end of the day, you can see why the team made trading him a priority. As much as it hurts to offload arguably your best player, these latest comments from Florida are a clear indication that a long-term marriage with the Jets was never in the cards.

You can understand a players' desire to have financial security given the violent nature of the sport but it would seem Revis' demands are borderline excessive. But, it's his life and he's entitled to live it the way he wants at the end of the day. Besides, everyone is seemingly happy. The Jets get cap relief and have acquired what appears to be a foundation player in Sheldon Richardson and Revis? He gets his money and the Florida sun.

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