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Darrelle Revis rumors are spinning.  With the Giants, Browns, Patriots (and yes even the Jets) in the mix, could it get crazy approaching the Bucs 4PM ET trade/cut deadline today?

While the Bucs are only asking for a fifth rounder to secure Revis, the one-man island is reported to be unwilling to take less as part of a trade. What a shock.

All the same, the Jets are considered part of the group of teams in play. Partly due to a source's recounting of Revis's "love" for all things Jets. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News urges today that the Jets should insert themselves between Revis and the Patriots any way they can.

You know Bill be creepin'.

This seems like a rather bizarre situation with the slimmest of chances that Revis comes back to the Jets.  So far it seems the Jets camp has been radio silent on a return of Revis, though Revis's camp seems intent to throw bouquets.

That said, if Idzik somehow signs Revis back to a deal for lower than the cornerback was making with the Bucs less than a year after he was traded away for a first and fourth round draft pick? As far as I'm concerned then John Idzik immediately goes into the pantheon of Jets GMs.

We all know what Revis wants ... he wants MONEY and he wants as much as he can get from wherever he can get it doesn't much care from where.  Hell, he entertained the Raiders for a little bit on Tuesday, what does that tell you?  So while Revis was busy throwing bouquets to teams like the Jets, Browns and Patriots yesterday his intent is clear; the Aliquippa, PA native will go wherever pays the most.  If that's a winning club?  All the better.  But hey, he doesn't get paid for wins, so ...

We all knew last year that when he got his $16 million per year sham deal from the Bucs (with no guarantees) it was folly and so this time around when he signs, I would be shocked if he doesn't push hard for guaranteed money up front.  His agents Schwartz and Feinsod know how the NFL works and even belittled D'Brickashaw Ferguson for the deal he took back when the Big Four were reworking their deals because of it.  Ironic considering the deal they got him in Tampa.

It's hard not to go back to the point in time in 2010 when Bob Glauber reported that the Jets were willing to offer Revis $121 million for ten years.  Looking at what he's made since then, he'd only be $4 million dollars behind that contract offer and might have even negotiated it up since that time with good-will he would have built up with the team  Instead, we're here.  Revis is about to go to his third team in less than a year and he's going to have settled for less than he wanted and likely would have gotten back when he was healthy and at the top of his game.

So what if the Jets do re-sign him?  Make no mistake, if he feels like he is underpaid we'll be right back on Maggie's Farm all over again.

The Patriots are the worst case scenario for Jets fans. Bill Belichick has botched building a secondary through the draft for the better part of a decade now and having Aqib Talib has taught him the value of adding an established veteran cornerback to his secondary and how it can help.

If he doesn't end up with the Jets going to the Browns is the best it looks like we can hope for.  Revis going to the Patriots is an out and out nightmare and it will haunt the Jets for as long as he plays there.

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