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As has been widely reported already, Darrelle Revis was on Seattle FB Michael Robinson's "The Real Rob Report" podcast which went up on YouTube yesterday and Revis talked about a lot of things: the GM's work to rebuild the team, whether or not Mark Sanchez can "get it done", Tim Tebow, Richard Sherman plus tons more content, but the only thing that is getting brought up are the questions about Revis's status with the Jets, how he reacted to the news about the recent rumors and his answer about the team that has been suggested as a new organization that might have potential interest in Revis -- the Niners.

Revis didn't go out of his way to mention the Niners, but Robinson (a Fischer Sports workout friend) mentioned the team specifically, and Revis didn't shy away and praised the Niners success.

"For me, looking at their roster and their team, I would just be an addition to help them win that trophy.  Would it be awesome? I mean, yeah, my main goal as a player ... is to hold that Lombardi Trophy in the air and get that ring," Revis told Robinson at the Fischer Sports facility.  "They're definitely a contender and will be a contender for the next couple of years."

Watch "The Real Rob Report" interview with Darrelle Revis below in parts one and two and judge for yourself.

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