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While the question over the compensation for Revis seems to be a very combustible one, it's not for John Idzik, per ESPN NY:

Idzik apparently isn't married to the idea of having immediate draft-pick compensation -- if he decides to move his best player, which is what many expect to happen. He's telling people he'd be content to wait for 2014 compensation, when he could use an extra No. 1 pick (and maybe other picks) to maneuver for a quarterback.
One of the first questions that comes to mind is, if Idzik is open to future draft compensation and the Bucs are offering a 2014 pick, what's the difference?

Based on the last sentence in the blockquote, it's the idea of there being multiple picks involved.

I'm shadetree Adam Smith disciple and believe that some pretty simple economic rules at play here.  If there's demand, then the price goes up.  If there's no demand, then the price goes down.  The demand to trade for Revis as we know it consists of one team, therefore the price seems low.  Because of that, Idzik is willing to hold off and bet on the idea that teams could be more willing to part with a larger bounty of picks later on, either closer or the draft or past the 2013 NFL Draft entirely.

Should it come to that, we'll see if he's right.

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