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There was never a doubt that the Bucs were serious about talking with the Jets about the opportunity to trade for Darrelle Revis, but so far what's been reported is that it has come down to a compensatory issue between the teams, that the hang up might be the first round draft pick from Tampa.  Not so, writes Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times from the Phoenix owner meetings and getting comments on the record from the Tampa Bay GM that they've not ruled anything out and that the Buccaneers are still considering trading their first-round pick in this April's NFL Draft for Darrelle Revis.

According to the article, Tampa is open to the idea of giving up a first round pick for Darrelle Revis and even giving him the sort of contract he'd want, but that any deal still might be weeks away based on the Bucs' desire to watch the market and Revis's continued recovery.

Playing in a division like the NFC South makes it very difficult for teams without a solid pass defense to slow down the likes of Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton.  The signing of Dashon Goldson will be a help to the Bucs, but adding Revis would be a key piece to rebuilding one of the league's worst secondaries and Tampa GM Mark Dominik seems to know it.

“[Shutdown cornerbacks are] really hard to find,’’ said Dominik. “They really are rare and that makes them an interesting commodity. You go into the draft every year and everybody thinks maybe that’s the guy but there are very few of them. When they come out, it’s pretty noticeable who they are.’’

And for that reason, Tampa Bay is serious about adding Revis and they have the interest, cap space and draft picks to make it happen.  While the deal still might be some time away, the owners meetings provide in Phoenix it make for a good opportunity for two teams like the Jets and Bucs to hammer out the framework of a deal, per Dominik.  “These meetings are very healthy for those kinds of discussions to see if there is a way to get this team better and does that include players or draft picks or a combination? That’s what we’ll look at.’’

While Dominik seemed to be speaking in generalities, there's some good insight into how the Bucs are looking at the value that they would derive from trading for Darrelle Revis as opposed to the risk of taking a player in the draft that might or might not live up to projections.  I would hope that the Jets could get the 13th pick from the Bucs out of this trade, but that might be all they get.

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