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At Revis' height with the Jets, teams dared not throw his way, and having coached the All-Pro cornerback for four years, Rex Ryan knows that the Jets are going to be better off by staying away from their former top player, per Metro.

... with rookie quarterback Geno Smith making his first NFL start, don’t expect the Jets to test whether Revis is fully back by throwing the ball at him more than expected.

“We know him well. That might be some team’s [mindset]. I don’t think that’s going to be our philosophy,” Ryan said. “I can’t even lie and say, ‘Oh yeah, no, absolutely, we’re attacking him, yeah.’ I don’t see that happening, but again, we’ll see. Obviously, we know the kind of talent he is. All Jet fans know the kind of talent that he has.”

As for preparing for Revis, who spent the first six years of his NFL career with the Jets, the team and coaching staff isn’t going crazy with the hype. They are complimentary, with Smith speaking highly of the former Jet on Wednesday, but the Revis hype isn’t pervasive in the locker room.

Revis has never been a player to rack up interceptions like others at his position, but his ability to keep receivers from even being in a position to make plays on a ball is where he's at his best.  Revis' upper body strength, combined with his world-class footwork are why he's so good at his craft.  If there is any hole in his game, it is when he is paired up against straight burners or when working against shifty speedsters out of the slot.  Ginn had his moments against Revis, and how often did Revis match up a guy like Mike Wallace? That was always Cro's job ...

Rex Ryan did everything he could to keep Revis out of those situations, but if ... and this is a big IF ... if the Jets are going to attack Revis and they are holding onto their plan, it will be with through motion or pick plays with guys like Clyde Gates or Stephen Hill to get those matchups against a corner who loves playing one player all day.  If they don't try and peel Revis off his normal man, they are going to let whoever plays over there languish all day.

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