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Not long ago, there was a time when the Jets would do ten push-ups each time a player made a mistake like committing a turnover or by getting tagged for a penalty. After the Jets 20 penalty game on Sunday against the Bills, the Jet head coach has re-instituted the policy of penalties for penalties.

Per the New York Post, Rex Ryan stated that this week in practice, players will do push-ups for each infraction.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said Monday he is reinstituting his policy the team does 10 push-ups for every penalty in practice, something he used in 2010 and periodically since. The practice push-ups will extend to not just players but coaches, staff members, the front office and even owner Woody Johnson if he is at practice.

“I challenge the entire organization to get behind it,” Ryan said. “I’m not saying our fans need to do the push-ups and all that. I’m not saying it, but if our fans want to get in there and help us, how much pressure is that? You’ve got your fans doing push-ups, too.”

If you will remember, the practice got to the point that the Jets office staff participated in solidarity with the players. I'm not sure why the team got away from the practice, but the CBA lockout could have been a factor since the workout program was so condensed and there were so many other things to focus on for the Jets.

Early on in Rex's tenure, penalties were a problem, but he has shown during his time as a head coach that it is something he can get cleaned up. The game against the Bills was an aberration, but this is still a good policy to institute. For a Jets team that is going to need to play as tightly as possible over the next six weeks, this is a good motivational / bonding activity as a reminder about how one error can let down the whole team.

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