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Woody Johnson and Rex Ryan were very clear in that they were not going to make a decision yet on who would be the team's starting quarterback in 2013, but they did say that money won't factor into the decision.  Sanchez is guaranteed $8.25 million from the Jets in 2013 and that gauranteed figure looms large over any plans the Jets might make in 2013.

“Money, the financial part of it ... will not have any of the considerations for it,” Ryan told the media yesterday. "We’ll play the player that fits what we do best. What we believe gives us the best chance."

When asked whether or not the quarterback job would be open to all players on the roster, Woody Johnson gave an evasive answer. Rex followed on by saying that “we have to get an offensive coordinator in place, then we’ll address it from there.  Obviously, the situation, whoever the offensive coordinator is, his system, there’s going to be a lot of things that go into it.”

When I see Rex Ryan use the phrase "best chance" in connection with a conversation about the team's quarterback, I now have a Pavlovian response where I want to rake out my own eyes.

We all agree that Mark Sanchez was atrocious in 2012 and we personally think he deserved to get benched dating back to his first game against the Dolphins.  The Jets quarterback was unable to read defenses, make his read progressions, shake off defensive backs or just be decisive in any meaningful way over the course of a game.  His play ranked lowly by most any metric and now four years in, he's still yet to have a season where he does the bare minimum to be considered an average quarterback by completing just 60% of his passes.

No competent offensive coordinator with a track record for success is going to want to come to New York if they are told that Mark Sanchez must remain the starting quarterback.  Someone like Norv Turner or Cam Cameron would have to be pretty desperate to take a job with that stipulation at the start.  The Jets played it smart publicly by saying what they did about the decision making process, but aside from Mark Sanchez getting traded, getting outright cut by the team, or signing a veteran free agent quarterback with extended starting experience or drafting one,  it's going to be very difficult for the Jets to move away from Sanchez.

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