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Jets coach Rex Ryan says that he will assume the defensive play-calling duties in 2013, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports.

New defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman will have input, but Ryan will be the triggerman after relinquishing those responsibilities last season. Earlier this month, Thurman admitted that he hadn't discussed play-calling with Ryan and that “it doesn't really matter to me who calls it.”

“Dennis and I worked side-by-side with each other literally for years now,” Ryan told The News at the league meetings on Tuesday. “It’s something that we talked about and we want to do. I want Dennis to just be totally involved like he always is, but I’ll make the calls (and have) the final say on the calls. But again, the process will be very similar.”

“I enjoy it,” Ryan said. “There’s no question. I enjoy the meetings, which I’ll be more involved in. I love it, because that’s my roots. I think that any coach loves teaching. That gives me an opportunity to teach and to be really more hands-on with that unit.”

I'm all for this. Rex was calling the defensive plays back in 2009 when the Jets had the top overall defense in the league. Newly promoted defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman will provide his insights however, Rex will have the final say. Again, Rex was one of the best defensive coordinators in the league before the Jets hired him. This isn't someone that doesn't have experience in the field. I hope they return to that aggressive defense back in 2009 that made them number one overall.
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