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First things first, the Daily News report this morning had me spinning.  You'll hear it on the podcast.  Ye gods!

Spinning so much so that I actually took an hour this morning and talked with a friend and professional logician to try and come up with whether I should treat the report as credible or not.  Boiling down this friend's point, it essentially was that a report like this has fingerprints from someone in Rex's camp.  The reason being is that Rex's camp is making a play for more control, that wouldn't be the move by any opposing force.  An opposing force would discredit or marginalize Rex at the sake of their own interests.

That the smoke behind the fire is that Rex needs to go "all in" to get what he needs.  It's a common human response to go all or none for one's own sake.

So, just for fun ... let's assume the report is true.

If so, then there's fault all around.  BUT one point that you will get to hear later today is that Sparano has serious and tentacled ties to Parcells that I never appreciated.  I honestly don't know how I missed it.  Parcells is tied to Sparano, Parcells is tied to Tannenbaum.  So the point to takeaway here is that Tannenbaum probably had a LOT more influence over the pick of Sparano as the new offensive coordinator than might be publicly appreciated, even by beat reporters.

That would stand to reason as to why Rex would seemingly "throw Sparano under the bus" with this report that's in the Daily News today ... because he wasn't really a friend in the first place.  Rex even said so this season.  Rex said he "never liked" Sparano -- but that he's now one of his guys.

(Rolling my eyes into the very back of my head)

In fact, the two were prickly about each other before working together this year is very telling.  Sparano was probably pushed into interviews and while he might have won over Rex, their relationship isn't really that deep.

All that said, let's discuss poor Rex Ryan and the lack of influence he has over this organization offensively.

Rex Insisted on a Ground and Pound -- Around the league, the Pistol offense is ripping defenses up, yet Rex Ryan still doggedly believes the 1985 Bears are the only way to win in the NFL 27 years later.  Most players in the league weren't even alive then and yet this is THE formula.  With a solid defense and a ball control offense, I'm not saying it's not a way to win games in the NFL ... it is.  But Rex Ryan seems to feel like he has a fever, and the only cure is MORE GROUND AND POUND.  Rex must have his Ground and Pound and Schotty and Sparano haven't gotten it done.  OK then ... who will? When Schotty wasn't doing his bidding as much in 2011, Schotty was removed for another coach who would give him a Ground and Pound ... and in 2012 it faltered badly.  Rex might say that he needs more control over this offense and that's fine ... but he's blind to other ways to run an offense that would take require less value invested and effort.  From what I can tell, Rex won't be happy until he has five first rounders on the line and at a first round tailback.  The Jets can't get there from here.

Mark Sanchez Was Rex's Guy -- Remember when the Jets drafted Mark Sanchez and Rex was so proud of getting the guy?  He told the world that the team wouldn't have traded up if he wasn't ready to play.  Sanchez was named the starter after a (kangaroo court) competition with Kellen Clemens, and then was never disciplined for bad games beyond getting stoplight colors.  Rex stood behind his quarterback the whole time and never showed any tough love on the gridiron to his QB to make him a better player.  Sanchez was lauded -- and rose high -- for his confidence coming out of school, but maybe Rex mistook it and it was actually hubris.

Santonio Holmes Is In New York BECAUSE of Rex -- Remember how Tone got traded to the Jets?  Tannenbaum mentioned his availability dismissively to Ryan and Ryan ran into Tanny's office begging for him.  Did Holmes help the team? Absolutely. Was Ryan's urging to bring him here and be a major part of the team a major factor in making it happen? Absolutely.  Ryan urged the team to give him a fat contract and Ryan even made Tone (stupidly) a captain in 2011, and it only served to help pull this team apart and be a major part of the salary crater the team is now looking at.

John Conner Was Rex's Pick -- Rex Ryan has bragged over and over and over and over and OVER about how John Conner was "his" pick.  How'd that work out?  Conner couldn't pick up the 2012 offense and was pushed off the roster for a bad player (Lex Hilliard) who at least understood the offense and could (badly) execute the offense.  How's that pick looking now, Rex?

Rex Ryan Was The Getaway Man in the Tebow Trade -- Rex Ryan was at the very least a co-conspirator and accomplice in the trade for Tim Tebow.  If Ryan was so sure of Sanchez, was so sure of the offense he was setting up, why would he allow a headache like Tebow to come here?  So that he could be a red herring for opposing defensive coordinators and never used?  That's stupid.  After just signing up Drew Stanton, Rex allowed his GM to trade for the NFL's version of Maximus ... the one player that could fell any emporer.  Ryan wanted him here, knew what he was but basically didn't evaluate how to use him properly and he was wasted on the roster all season long.

My point in all this?  What has Rex really done that demands he get more control of the offense and the makeup of this team?  It might have been "out of context," but Rex all but said he did not approve the Stephen Hill pick  this year in the draft.  Has Hill had a tough year?  Yes every rookie receiver generally does.  But look at Randall Cobb.  Look at Demaryius Thomas.  Players -- most notably receivers -- have massive jumps in production after their rookie year.  Is Rex Ryan - the guy who has mishandled Mark Sanchez, the guy who picked John Conner, the guy who brought in Tone and worked to keep him here for good or ill, the right guy to gain more control?  What are the decisions he's made so far that have been smashing successes?  Using Kerley as a wildcat trigger man?  Forcing Schotty to use the Wildcat last year against the Skins?  Using color coded cards in Sanchez's rookie year?  What has he really done to prove he deserves more control of the offense? What makes him the right guy to gain more say and control of the organization from a personnel standpoint?

Maybe he's been firewalled from controlling the offense up until now ... maybe ... but the gameday decisions are still his as he's so resoundingly proven in the last month with Tim Tebow.  If he can't grasp whoever the OC is by the collar (whether they are a Tannenbaum mole or not inside his organization) and get the results he wants from them ... then maybe his bid to go "all in" should have him out on the tiles too.

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