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After an abysmal offense and special teams performance yesterday and after half a season of complete inconsistency in all phases, there is a list of growing concerns about the Jets.  But according the Star-Ledger, Rex Ryan said this morning that Mark Sanchez is not one of those questions.

If there was a time to make a switch, the bye week makes perfect sense, but Rex was unwilling to demote Sanchez.

"Offensively the problems aren't one man, if it were one man that's easy to do.  [...] I think Mark gives us the best chance to win, and that's how I feel. Can Tim be successful? Yeah, absolutely and we need to look at that as well."

Ryan told the reporters that when given time in the pocket, Mark Sanchez was 'fairly accurate' ... stating that the line needs to do a better job of giving him ample time and noting that Stephen Hill had a drop in the end zone.

Even if Sanchez is remaining the starter, Ryan admits that he needs to dedicate time to find Tim Tebow a larger role in the offense when he was asked about the backup.  "I think we'll take a hard look at how we're using him," Ryan said on the call.  "[Are] there other things we can do with him? I think you're absolutely right we'll be doing that."

Same old, same old.

Mark Sanchez has the full confidence of his coach who also vows that they'll get Tebow more involved in the offense.

If the Jets wanted Tim Tebow to be more involved in the offense, yesterday was the perfect "nothing to lose" opportunity to do so ... yet ... Sanchez played the whole game racking up garbage yards in a meaningless game to pad his zero impact day.

I'm starting to realize that Sanchez doesn't have enough time in the pocket, because he rarely gets the ball out on time.  Never does Ryan mention that Mark Sanchez holds the ball way too long or locks onto receivers and is still doing it after almost four years in the league.  My wife is no football expert (nor am I) but when she's complaining that Mark Sanchez is locked onto his target or holding and pump-faking too often, that's not good.

Tebow is a terrible quarterback and maybe even worse, would be a terrible quarterback for this system.  That much was made abundantly clear during training camp for anyone who watched Sparano screaming at him to get the ball out quicker day after day or saw his wounded duck passes.  One of which has already got Dedrick Epps injured for the season. Sparano prizes execution from all his players and quick releases from his quarterback - neither of which Tim Tebow is capable of, so you have to wonder just how the black hole that is the backup quarterback on this roster is *really* thought about by the coaches and front office.

The Jets seem stuck right now.  In many ways this season is quickly becoming reminiscent of 2008 where one position and the intense scrutiny around it is holding the rest of the team hostage.  The Jets rolled the dice to bring in Brett Favre and it ended up ruining their season and forcing some major changes.

It doesn't feel like  stretch to foresee a rather tumultuous offseason ...

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