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Position: Offensive Center

Height / Weight: 6’4″ 307 lbs.

Age: 28 / Experience: 6

College: Ohio State

2012 Contract Status: Signed

2011 Analysis: Nick Mangold was the MVP of the offense, and we all saw it in his absence.  Once he went down with his ankle injury, the line collapsed in on itself.  With no sufficient backup to him since Turner was already injured, the line crumbled.  Buttresses were schemed to the center, and the Tackles were left to their own devices ... and the roof came down around the Jets heads.  Mangold came back early, and it was obvious he was still working through the effects of his injury.  But once he was back, the unit markedly improved.  The Jets were foolish to roll the dice with as little experienced backup on the line as they did in 2011, they paid the price, and the hope is they've now learned from it.

2012 Outlook: I don't think anyone is expecting Mangold to do anything other than he's done every year to this point ... which is dominate.  What will be crucial though going forward is making sure that the team has sufficient depth.

Random Thought: For years, the Football Outsiders has talked about how lucky the Jets have been (2008, 2009, 2010) to get through a season with basically no major injuries to the line.  In that time, the only starter that missed a start (I think) was Damien Woody.  Moving forward, the Jets can't afford to get cute considering that their backup lineman are no more than extra blockers when required.  Brick and Mangold aren't youngin's anymore ... sooner or later, they will be called to start.  So the Colin Baxters of the word won't suffice.  The Jets have to get serious about their depth ... and soon.

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