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Position: Linebacker

Height / Weight: 6’4″ 252 lbs.

Age: 25 / Experience: 3

College: Clemson

2011 Contract Status: Signed through 2012

2011 Analysis: Sapp was a part of the Jets organization this fall as a practice squadder when he was signed in October to the practice squad.  Sapp didn't play a down, but the Jets have to like something about the 2010 draft pick from the Eagles to have given them a chance to prove himself on their roster.  Sapp's odd past with the Eagles makes for an odd situation.  He followed Gaines Adams at Clemson in the "bandit" role, and was considered as maybe one of the biggest steals of the 2010 draft.  After a short stay with the Eagles, he basically quit on the Eagles two times in two years ... what was it about the organization that made him do that ... it's a risk for the Jets, but a risk that they were willing to try based on his athleticism.

2012 Outlook: Special teams seems the most likely spot in 2012.  I'd be guessing to figure out what his role would be with the Jets in 2012, but Maybin's success provides some clues for his future.  Where Maybin excels is when he's let off his leash to go after the passer.  Sapp is in the same mold, the only difference is that Sapp is better capable of dropping into coverage if the scheme requires.  See if the Jets don't try and test him out as a potential pass rusher or maybe even a shallow zone coverage player.

Random Thought: This is about as far-fetched as I get ... but could they try and convert him into a player specifically meant to neutralize Tight Ends? His bandit role at Clemson was geared towards being a hybrid player.  He has the size, speed and athleticism to drop in coverage.  Whoever figures out how to neutralize Gronk will do it in an unconventional way.  While it might not have been their intent when they signed him .. could this work?

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