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Here's the reaction to the Jets draft picks by our writers at  We'll add more as they come in.

What hurts about the Milliner pick is that, as fans, we'd been using the fact that cornerback isn't that important of a position to try and rationalize letting Revis go. Using a pick more valuable than what they got for him to get another cornerback when they already seem to have depth at the position therefore seems a bit too much.

Jets fans have a habit of begging for the team to go "Best Player Available" during the run up to the draft and then complaining that the pick didn't fill a need afterwards whenever they do that, so you can't please everyone. I think the pick isn't just about the short term though, as it might be one way of preparing for a contingency where Cromartie wants too much money and they end up in another Revis-like situation with CAA. This gives them flexibility, as long as Milliner can establish himself as a starter. I'm not going to get into whether or not Milliner will work out, we'll just have to wait and see.

 I like this pick. The Jets traded away Revis and filled the void with Milliner. I understand he has had many injuries, but he always seems to get back onto the field. Please do not compare Milliner to Revis. Milliner can be a great player for the Jets and even make the Pro Bowl but in the end people will say that he is no Revis. With Cro, Wilson, and now Milliner the Jets have very respectable corners. Some people also might say, why draft Milliner when they already have Cro and Wilson? Wilson was average at best last season. There were times that Wilson had gotten burned last season. You can never have enough corners. Who is behind Cro and Wilson? In the end, solid pick and I think he will have a pretty nice career. 

Now let's be fair.  On Wednesday Milliner was very quick to not shy away from Revis comparisons when asked at the Play 60 event, but after the pick he quickly changed that talk.  The Jets got a great cover corner who can play in man coverage, and as Eric Galko told us on the podcast, he neutralized Eifert in the BCS Championship ... so you have to like that Milliner can quickly come in and take out a top receiver even if that player happens to be a tight end.  The new remedy for Gronk, anyone?

Don’t let anyone tell you Dee Milliner is just another cornerback. The timing of the pick, the position he plays and the island-sized gap Darrelle Revis left in Florham Park means Milliner will never get the chance to be just another cornerback. He’ll forever be compared to No. 24, fair or not. It’s not a media creation. It’s just a matter of circumstance, which is a shame because I think Milliner can be a very good player fairly quickly. But very good is not Revis. And very good will not stop people from remembering that the Jets drafted a cornerback days after trading away the best one in the league. Unless Milliner is elite – and possibly not even then – he’ll always be the guy that came after Revis.

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