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There's a lot of Revis talk starting up again this week and here's a quick rundown on who's saying what about the who, what, why, how and when.

While it's obvious that the Bucs are looking to upgrade their secondary and made one step with Dashon Goldson, but their needs at cornerback in the pass-heavy NFC South are well known.   So with the need to make some improvements there, the Revis deal can't be dead because the Bucs have yet to sign any top free agents at cornerback, and it is widely believed that Tampa's ownership thinks Revis is the player they need.  

So what could that mean over the next month?

First, Roy Cummings in the Tampa Bay Tribune, who writes that the Bucs are dragging their feet on parting with the 13th pick because they aren't sure who would be there for them by the time the 13th pick comes around.

What if the Bucs don’t like or feel a pressing need for any of the players available to them at 13 and no one affords them the opportunity to trade down to where it makes sense to draft either cornerback Desmond Trufant or cornerback Xavier Rhodes?

That’s when the 13th pick might become less valuable and when it might start to make sense to trade it as part of a deal that brings in Revis.

As the situation stands, the most sensible thing to do is stand firm and continue to try to force the Jets into accepting nothing better than a pick (or two) from their 2014 cache.

Every year, there are a few players who routinely slip down the draft board and so a lucky team might get a player that they had high on their board fall into their laps.  In that case, then they wouldn't want to give up their pick.  On the other hand, should all the players they really want be gone by the time they pick?  Then they be more willing to trade that 13th pick and the Jets would be right along with them.  If there's a player they really like at 13, then they can agree to a trade ... or not. 

ProFootballTalk had a third suggestion, but one that seems less likely.

There’s a third path that could get the deal done, giving the Jets the 2013 first-round pick G.M. John Idzik feels compelled to obtain. The Bucs could slide back from No. 13 if they aren’t thrilled with any of the players available at that point, and then offer the lower pick to the Jets.
The Jets have enough needs that there's going to be someone at 13 that they are going to like and feel like would justify pulling the trigger.  They've wanted the 13th pick all along, so I'd be surprised if they suddenly felt like there was no value in the pick.

Meanwhile, Peter King rambled incoherently in MMQB about the Revis trade.  If you can make sense of this first paragraph, then you are a better person than I.

The Jets are in deep think mode over the possible trade of the rehabbing Darrelle Revis. And though it's certainly tough to consider trading the best player on your team -- and it's a deal I wouldn't do; I would pay the man -- I think at the end of the day the Jets will do it at least two days before the start of the April 25 first round. (Can't be on draft day, obviously, because the Bucs will need to do a thorough physical exam before agreeing to the deal, which is likely to contain one 2013 draft choice.)

The Jets could do the right thing and satisfy Revis' long-term contract demands and have the best corner in the league (at least the best one east of Seattle, if Richard Sherman is to be believed) on their team through the rest of his prime. But no one sees owner Woody Johnson agreeing to pay Revis $15 million or so per year. Johnson, I'm hearing, is categorically against extending Revis. So let's extrapolate.

The Bucs, assuming Revis passes the physical, are willing to surrender a first-round pick and either a second- or a third- to acquire Revis. Those picks would either come both in 2013 or 2014, or one in each draft.

If Revis leaves in free-agency -- the Jets cannot franchise him after the 2013 season, by contract agreement -- the most the Jets would get is a likely third-round compensatory draft pick.

So what would you rather have, Jets fans:

• Revis on your team for one rebuilding season, getting the 97th overall pick in 2015, or ...

• Revis dumped for, say, Tampa Bay's first-round pick this month -- the 13th pick in 2013 -- and Tampa's second-rounder in 2014. If it's mid-round, that'd be the 48th overall pick in 2014.

One pick, 25 months from now, between the third and fourth rounds? Or two picks in the next 13 months, both likely in the top 50?

Will do "it"?  Do what? Trade Revis? Pay Revis?  Help me out here Peter ...

I rescpect that King thinks that seeing the Jets pay Revis is the best option, and I wish it was what the Jets would do ... I just don't see any evidence of their interest in doing so over the last two months.

We're not really looking forward to another month of Revis trade talks but as of today, it might be what we're heading for.  Even so, we'll do our best to take the Bucs 13th or 43rd picks into consideration as we talk about potential draft outcomes for the Jets.

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