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When the Jets brought in Tony Sparano, the thought was that the Jets were going to be better not necessarily because they would be so revolutionary in what they did offensively, but that Sparano would stress the importance of execution over nuance.  While the Jets had their ups and downs learning his particular system, that's not to blame for the offense's inability to run the ball effectively through four games.

Brandon Moore doesn't think that it has anything to do with learning the system, it just comes down to plain old execution.  "Across the league, everybody’s running the same plays," Moore told Jets Confidential.  "It’s not a matter of whether Sparano is different than Schottenheimer. It’s the same running plays. I mean, they run them in high school. It’s just a matter of executing the plays the way they’re supposed to be done and being productive at it."

While I'd like to think that this offensive line is every bit as good as it was back in 2009, it's just not the case.  Lesser talent has been slowly but steadily grinding down the team over the past few years.  Slauson will never be even a failing Faneca and Austin Howard is not going to play at Damien Woody's level any time soon.

Good running backs and quarterbacks can do more with less.  And so far I can't see that the Jets have good players at either position.  While everyone would like the offensive line to dramatically improve quickly, if they can't do the core part of what their offensive coordinator is asking them to do, then they're just not very good.

While Brian Schottenheimer had a tough go of it last year and probably saw more blame than was necessary, what was necessary was removing him from the equation to better understand what the real problems on the Jets were.  Was Schotty holding back the offense?  The quick answer now seems to be no, but the season is far from over so we'll refrain from any final judgements just yet.  What is becoming apparent is that the Jets have much deeper problems and even a new OC who stresses execution doesn't seem to be solving them.

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