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Shortly after Darrelle Revis tore his ACL, Ryan said he'd like to keep Revis active in case he could be ready to go for the Super Bowl.  Either Ryan realizes that Revis won't be ready by the Super Bowl, or the Jets aren't going altogether.  Citing the need for another roster spot with Eric Smith unable to play this weekend, Ryan told reporters that Revis would be shelved for the remainder of the season according to Jane McManus on ESPN NY.

Ryan held out a slim hope, a hope based on his respect of Revis' immense talent.  "When I said it was a 0.002 percent chance? Well, it's not that high," Ryan told reporters Friday. " ... I was holding out hope but the more information we got, I realized that wouldn't be good for Darrelle either."

It's nothing we didn't expect to happen, but it solidifies the reality that Revis won't play again in a game until next September.  This is the timetable that will, unfortunately for the Jets, work best for his best chance at a full recovery.

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