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Yesterday, Rex Ryan responded to Mark Sanchez's statement to Rich Eisen that he was the one who won the starting job for the Jets this season.  Via Kim Martin in Newsday, here's the background, and then Ryan's public response to Sanchez, when asked about it by the press.

Sanchez declined to speak to reporters after the Jets' 13-10 loss at New England on Thursday night, but he had plenty to say before the game to NFL Network. During a phone interview with Rich Eisen, Sanchez said he had beaten out rookie Geno Smith.

"I won the competition," Sanchez said, according to Eisen. "There was no doubt about that. It was a done deal."

When asked about Sanchez's assertion, here was Ryan's responded, again from Newsday.

"You want your players to believe that, and if you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will," Ryan said, referring to Sanchez's comments. "I certainly would expect that -- from any competitor -- that they're winning the job and things."

But he quickly added: "I never said he won the competition. I didn't say that."

Sanchez might be a bad quarterback, but he is no fool.  Players on top of the hill one day can be on the scrap heap the next, and Sanchez is fighting to maintain his relevance in a league quickly losing interest in him.

Sanchez knows that his 2014 free agency campaign started the moment that the Jets officially named Geno the starter, and he is doing everything he can do demonstrate that he is still part of the team, he's rehabbing his injury and he'll get the surgery he needs once the season is over.  To us, they seem like the right decisions and the decisions that a savvy guy like Sanchez regularly makes.

Still, for all the right off- the-field football decisions that Sanchez has made over his NFL career, he still struggles to make the right decisions on the field.  Shoulder injury aside, it's those decisions that we saw from him in the preseason which are major contributors to why he's the one holding the clipboard in 2013 and not the starter as he asserts he should have been.

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