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The Jets had the bye week to get things straight and as last week proved, nothing has changed, other than the Jets defense is better at scoring points now than their own offense.  The worm has turned in New York on Mark Sanchez and deeper critique of the team's quarterback is ramping way up.  Brian Costello writes in the New York Post that the Jets front office needs to admit the mistake that Mark Sanchez has been for this organization.

It has become clear now that Sanchez never is going to be a franchise quarterback. He was a capable one during his first two years when the Jets had a dominating defense and a strong supporting cast on offense.

But over the past two years, Sanchez has been asked to elevate his own game and that of those around him. He has failed miserably, continuing to make the same mistakes he made as a rookie.

Sanchez has seven games left to salvage this season and save his own career as well as the men who drafted him. Sanchez will be back with the Jets next season. The $8.25 million guaranteed he has coming to him in 2013 ensures it. But if his play does not improve dramatically by the end of the year, the Jets must bring in competition for him next year — true competition.

For years the criticism has revolved around passing percentage, decision making, ball security, but open rebellion about Sanchez's upside seems like a new discussion and shows you how far he's fallen, and how fast it's happened.

Here's the best I can describe it.  Mark Sanchez is like a scarecrow, unless he's propped up by someone else he can't be expected to do it on his own.  Mark Sanchez might be a master of the play-action, but that's a brilliant example.  He needs a legitimate running game to even excel at one of the things he's best at.  His arm hasn't gotten better, his decisions haven't gotten appreciably better, so what's he left with?

As we wrote on Monday, Sanchez isn't the answer and if he was, we'd have seen much more to this point.  For years we've waited for him to elevate his game, but the time for patience is over.  Granted, the talent around him has declined,  but his results haven't even held steady.

At this point, Mark Sanchez has less than half a season (and maybe even less than that) to demonstrate any value that he can offer the team.  It has nothing to do with Tebow everything to do with Sanchez's inability to get the job done that he was brought in to do.  As best I can compare, he's the Jason Bay equivalent for this organization.  His play is holding everything else back.

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