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So what happened on that pick-six play?  Via the Bills official website.

With the Jets pinned deep in their own end facing a 3rd-and-5 at their own 15, Mark Sanchez’s pass intended for Jeremy Kerley was picked off by Bryan Scott. The Bills linebacker returned it 20 yards for a touchdown to give Buffalo a 7-3 lead late in the first quarter.

“Basically it was a three man zone and Sanchez kind of with his eyes led me to that route,” said Scott.

Newsday found another comment from Scott.

"He does have a tendency to look at his receivers.''
Yikes.  On the postgame radio show Buttle and LaGreca weren't sure what led to it, was it a bad route by the receiver?  Was it an errant throw to the quarterback?  Nope.  I'm sure Bent will diagnose this play in his next BGA article, but according to Scott, Sanchez telegraphed that ball.  Everyone knew he was trying to get it to Kerley but even without Scott jumping the route, Kerley was doubled with a high-side safety bracketing Kerley on the play, anyway.

Why would the ball go there in any case with three defenders in the area?  Three on one?  Surely someone else was open ...

And that's why an elite quarterback has a completion percentage of around 65% per season and Sanchez has yet to break 60%.  I don't know where else to go with this, other than to say I don't see Sanchez doing enough to turn his career around to make it worth the wait.  Good receivers or no, if the Jets are going to continue to roll their dice with Sanchez, then they need to prop him up with insanely athletically talented players -- nothing less will suffice.

All day, Sanchez was throwing behind his receivers.  Sanchez patted and pumped the ball again and again, as he does every week.  All that resetting just goes to show how totally undecisive a player he is.  The "he was rusty" argument seems invalid to me, even at the beginning of the game.  He had one week off ... it's not like he was mothballed for two years.  Mark Sanchez is the Walter White of NFL quarterbacks.  He's completely devolved into this subhuman creature when it comes to his ability to run an NFL offense -- even one created by the lowly Tony Sparano.

We all know the money situation with Sanchez, but for him to come back next year and compete for a starting job (which seems inevitable right now) I don't know how he can even do it other than go get his mind-erased this offseason.  To start again from the ground up.  Forget about everything he knows as an NFL quarterback.  Forget about all his bad habits.  Forget about worrying if he can get an invite to the Tonys.  Forget about dating celebutards.  Forget about getting his Southern Cali posse contracts with the team. Forget everything you know and focus on football.

The problem of course is Rex Ryan's steadfast yet foolish loyalty to Sanchez.  Can Rex Ryan take a step back?  Can he short circuit his fierce loyalty to Mark for the sake of the team to TRULY give them the best chance to win - even if that chance comes at the expense of Mark's Sanchez's ego?

If Mark is going to stay around, then he and Rex need to do one thing.

Start over from scratch.

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