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Last night on NFL Live, ESPN's Adam Schefter said that the Jets could look to trade Mark Sanchez before the season starts, provided Geno Smith looks ready to start the season as the team's top quarterback.

"I think the Jets would love to see (Smith) grasp things right away, so that the Jets would be in a position where they could see if they could find a trade partner for Mark Sanchez down the line," Schefter said Monday night on ESPN. "Some teams would be unwilling to take on the $8.25 million guaranteed in his contract, but there might be a team that's willing to pay a small portion of it. To get some of that money off the Jets' books. And the fact of the matter is, the Jets will go to camp with Sanchez. They'll look to see at that point in time how Geno Smith fares."

It is undoubted that Schefter has sources, but it seems an odd piggyback -- down to the financial components -- after Brian Costello had this piece published on NY Post yesterday morning.

The Jets might cut or release Mark Sanchez before the start of the season, but if the Jets move him in any way, they are going to eat a lot of dead money.  Sanchez represents a dead money figure of $17 million, of which only $8.25 million is salary -- guaranteed mind you -- the rest will come in the form of the ill-conceived prorated bonuses that Mike Tannenbaum gave Sanchez last offseason ... totaling over $17 million should the Jets cut him this year in dead money.  If the team can trade Sanchez, then they'd get a little cap relief, but only what a team would offer in buy-back salary.  Since Sanchez is a former first round draft pick, some team might be willing to give up a late 2014 draft pick for him and also pay $2-3 million for him to off-set the Jets cap hits.  

It stands to reason that the Jets want it to work with Geno Smith from the start, but let's hope the Jets haven't given up on the competition before he's taken a snap against Garrard and Sanchez.  Just two weeks ago there was talk about bringing along Geno slowly ... it's hard to believe that much has changed after rookie minicamps.

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