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On his Twitter war with Revis:

RS: “He came off disrespectful, so words need to be said. Apparently, he is going to disrespect my game. I don’t know what he has done -- stats wise -- to earn the right to talk down to people. He has never had more than six [interceptions] in a season, so let’s quiet down.”

On why he got involved in the altercation:

RS: “Because I am not going to let no dude talk like a little girl and just walk freely. I am going to quiet him down the best way I know how...It is about respect. You are not going to let a guy run his mouth, I am not that kind of person [to] let a guy say bold statements and let them ride. It is not who I am and who I am not going to be.”

On what triggered the altercation:

RS: “I had no ill will towards him at all. We were having a casual conversation, I didn’t say anything disrespectful. He didn’t play this year, so it was a truthful statement, and he took it the wrong way and went there so I had to shoot back.”

On what criteria says he is a better cornerback than Revis:

RS: “Impact -- in terms of making plays -- force fumbles, picks, sacks, changing the game. Shutting down a side of the field changes the game to a point -- I do it from time to time -- but you don’t make the same kind of impact that you do when you have [interceptions], force fumbles, and create turnovers.”

This dude just doesn't stop...

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