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Today Rex Ryan and John Idzik addressed the media in an annual season wrap-up press conference. As expected, not much was determined or revealed, but here's a few things we did take from the live feed on SNY.

No more information than when we started -- Sorry, but there really wasn't anything said about contracts or the status of coaches that moved the needle. Contracts are private matters and the coaching staff and players will be reviewed and dealt with in time. Idzik and Ryan held the line and we'll have to assume more information on assistant coaches and/or coordinators will come out when it comes out.

Life is beautiful -- A lot of praise was lavished from Rex onto to John, and vice versa. Some of it sounded genuine, but then other parts of it seemed rote to us. One thing did stand out: when Idzik and Ryan were asked to comment on what they'd learned about each other, John's answer seemed methodical. When it was Rex's turn he took the opportunity to make it into a joke as if  he'd learned nothing from Idzik this year. It's a joke, but as mom always told you ... "behind every joke there's a little truth."

No one's getting ahead of themselves -- There were no blanket declarations. No guarantee made. No starting roster spots were locked up. Geno Smith was not named the 2014 starter (nor should he be yet, the Jets would have gotten killed for it), but Idzik also acknowledged that the team will look to get better at each and every position on the team if possible. While Idzik likes their "nucleus" -- including quarterback -- they will do whatever they can to make the Jets a better team. It was a well-reasoned and longview approach ... and frankly one that didn't seem to go over with some (not all) in the audience. Brick & Nick were used as reasonable examples of players who should be starters in 2014, but then again, it's a very long offseason and anything could foreseeably happen between now and September ... Idzik was right to not overcommit.

Hope and change -- Idzik did grant that the Jets will have "maneuverability" this year with a good amount of cap room and draft picks. He didn't call out any specific positions or players that might be part of those plans either ... but did you expect he would? So, as you can imagine, when the burning questions about Mark Sanchez long-term status were inevitably asked, it was tamped down with a "let's get him healthy first" wet blanket.

John Idzik is not a good liar -- Please understand, I mean that in the kindest way imaginable. When asked about whether the team made any inquiries into other coaching candidates he sidestepped the question and then wandered off into Jetsnostalgialand. It wasn't a very convincing answer to a crucial question about how close Idzik was to attempting to pull the trigger on his head coach. Follow ups about Dennis Thurman's status were also left for another day.

Some in the press's expectations of the presser were not met and they seem perturbed by this -- It's hard to explain, but there's a certain Quixotic vibe that comes along with being a member of the press. Maybe this one press conference is going to be the one. But alas, no one broke down and confessed on the stand. No one said anything that will prove worthy of a two second lead-in for SportsCenter. This was not one for the record books. And I was never surprised by that. What amuses me is watching some of Twitter feeds run from factual, to tinged with interpretation to frustrated editorializing. I'm sorry but ... what hard answers did one think they were going to get from today's media availability?

* Photo credit to Kimberley Martin from NY Newsday.

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