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In case you missed it, Metro New York's Kristian Dyer wrote about SportsNet New York's own Brian Custer and the perspective that going through cancer surgery this past summer has given him.

The host of many SNY shows, including SNY's Jets programming including Jets Postgame Live missed his annual physical a year ago, and this past summer was shocked to learn he had an aggressive form of prostate cancer.  

Now recovering, Custer has a message he wants men to understand the importance of getting regularly checked.  

Custer has a new appreciation for life, realizing that without an annual physical and prostate check he would be looking at a much different life expectancy. Several weeks following the surgery, he was cleared to walk up and down his street outside his home in north Jersey. It was a little bit of exercise, something he has done hundreds of times before and had taken for granted.

“[I] really felt the sun for the first time in my life on my face,” Custer said. “I really felt it.”

That appreciation has led him to enjoy simple moments with his sons, ages 10, 9 and 3.

“When I tuck them in at night, sometimes I just stand there and watch them in bed for a minute,” Custer said. “They’re like, ‘Dad, what’s up? Why are you staring?’ I just watch them sleep. I’d never do that. There was a time a few months ago when I didn’t know if I’d live to see them married. Would I live to see them graduate? Even be teenagers? I just didn’t know.”

We've met Brian Custer on a number of occasions and he is one of the most gracious and generally good-natured people we have ever had the fortune to meet.  We are thrilled to hear he is recovering and we wish Brian and his family nothing but the very best on that path.

We try to avoid being preachy, but Custer's exhortation for men to get regularly screened for types of cancer is something we 100% support.  It's easy to feel invincible, but that that simply isn't true.  We encourage everyone who reads this blog to regularly do this on their own behalf, but as Brian points out on behalf of our families.  It might not be the most glorious event in our lives, but it could be the thing that helps us be there for those pivotal moments in the lives of those we love.

Thanks to Brian for sharing his story and thanks to Kristian and Metro for allowing him to do so.

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