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SNY's Jeane Coakley answered your New York Jets questions on SNY's Facebook page. Here's what she had to say...

Justin: Can the Jets make the playoffs?

Jeane: I definitely think they can. They have the talent.

Aaron: Are the Jets going to have special packages for Michael Vick?

Jeane: I wouldn't be surprised but don't expect what we saw a couple of years ago with Tebow/Sanchez. Geno is the starter and Vick is the backup.

Christian: Who is the favorite WR to start opposite Eric Decker?

Jeane: Right now, I think it's David Nelson.

James: Will Decker be a big factor in the offense? It should help Geno, but will the Jets rely on the run first mentality or will they start throwing the ball like the rest of the NFL?

Jeane: I think Decker can/will be a big factor. I also think the Jets will be running the ball a lot...they have a solid backfield with Johnson, Ivory and Powell.

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